Rosewood midrib Sectional door

Ryterna midrib Sectional Door

A Ryterna midrib sectional Door could be the perfect choice for your home.

Simple yet stylish. Quiet operation. Insulated. Available in a wide range of colours and laminates.


The design of these doors, grooved in the middle of each panel, give the impression of solid timber boards.

The medium panels, can be supplied in a number of different styles. Woodgrain, Stucco, or smooth surfaces. Supplied in any RAL colours, so there will be something to match your home.

The wood midrib designs come with a smooth surface. Styles include Golden Oak, Dark Oak Rosewood, old Oak or light Oak finishes.

The image on this article is a Ryterna midrib sectional door in Rosewood.


When operated, the door rises or lowers smoothly with each panel sliding near silently into place. Tracks run into the garage and keep the door in place. Tension springs exist so that even a manually operated door is easy and light to operate.

The midrib panels are designed specifically to avoid anything being trapped, so your fingers are safe.


The doors are ideal for automation. The Hormann Supramtic is ideal for such a job. As a result, you can enjoy effort free opening and closing from the comfort of your car. As well as the ease of operation, safety and security are key. The door will lock into a closed position. Obstructions will result in the door stopping immediately. So you can be assured of safe operation.

Ryterna Midrib Sectional door
Ryterna Midrib Sectional door in Rosewood

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Your Garage Doors are pleased to be able to provide and install this type of door and automation. The old door can will be removed so you can be assured of a stress free project.

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For more information, see the Ryterna Brochure. So that you can consider automation, read about the Hormann Supramatic

Two Become one

2 does go into 1

Despite what all the mathematicians say, 2 does go into 1.

If you currently have a large garage that has two individual garage doors, we can make it one.

By removing the brick pillar and having one opening, the problem goes away. You will have space to spare.

2 Garage doors

These single garage doors, can be a little narrow. This makes getting the cars in and out a little tricky. It also means that you have two doors to maintain.

Removal of pillar

Whilst this looks pretty scary, we use fully qualified experienced builders to ensure the best quality job. A new steel is installed and the old brick pillar removed.

Large Section

We then install a new wide garage door of a design and type of your choosing.
Automation can be added to make your life even easier.
2 does go into 1!

We Manage the project

The quote we provide will be for the complete job. As a result, you can sit back and let us do all the work.

Not only do we do all the work, we will take all the rubbish away and clean up after ourselves. We want you to be totally satisfied with the work done, so go out of our way to make sure the project is trouble free.

Your Garage Doors, pride ourselves on stress free installations. There will be no high pressure selling. You will be kept informed throughout.


The new door and automation, are fully guaranteed. Only quality materials are used so you can be assured of years of trouble free use.


The results are impressive. Totally transforming both the usage and the appearance of your garage.

We are sure that you will be impressed with the difference the work will make to your garage and property. Get in touch to discuss.


Your Garage Doors has many years of experience of installing garage doors. We have completed many such projects. As such, you can be assured that the experienced engineers will do a fantastic job.

We hope you now believe 2 does go into 1. Call or email to find out more.

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