Garage door sales and installation

Our Garage door sales and installation service is designed to be simple and stress free. Many years of experience. No high pressure selling. We believe our prices are fair and reasonable. Guarantees exist on both the door and the installation.

Two single retractable Georgian garage doors
Up and over garage doors

Up and Over

A Simple garage doors and usually the cheapest option. Available in a range of styles and colours. These doors are mounted exclusively within the frame of garage opening. There are no rails inside the garage.

4 point locking is available for additional security


Available in a wide range of styles and colours. These doors are bolted to the frame of the garage door opening. Tracks run into the garage.

4 Point locking is available for added security.

This type of door can be easily automated for extra convenience.

Vertical Ribbed wooden garage door
Roller Garage Door in Blue

Roller Doors

A great option for garages where space is at a premium.
The roller box fits above the opening. The door can be fitted between or behind the reveals.

A wide range of colours is available and can include insulation.

These doors can be automated.

Sectional doors

These doors have a number of panels that move into the garage on rails. 

A wide range of options is available. These include windows, panel size, colour, and styles.

Normally operated by automation.

Slate grey Sectional door

Brands you can trust

Only reputable garage door manufacturers are used to ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your property.

Peace of mind

You are very important to us. 

Having tradesman in your home can be disruptive. As such, everything is done to minimise disruption. All rubbish and your old door will be removed. We’ll leave everything neat and tidy.

Upon completion of the installation, We’ll go through the operation of the door. 

Our aim is your satisfaction.

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