Sectional Doors

The elegant automatic sectional doors open vertically. This guarantees added space inside and in front of the garage – keeping the entire driveway free. 


• Insulated

• Perfect all perimeter weather sealing

• Space saving

• High security and safety

• Made to order

• Safe remote operation

• Extra-large sizes available

• Wicket door option

• The longest options and accessories list

• Big variety of track systems including pitched roof option

• Extra Low maintenance

• Excellent performance

Slate grey Sectional door

Space saving design means sectional garage doors open vertically. Door panels do not protrude through the opening whilst in operation. Hence space saving feature means that space close to garage door can be functional and utilized. Most of all it is important in situations with short driveways and garages.

Double skinned steel sections are ‘pinch-proof’ and filled with Freon-free PU foam. The panels give excellent sound and thermal insulation.  All round rubber seal adds to a superb level of protection from rain, snow dust and cold.