By far the most common garage door solution, Up and Over Garage Doors prove popular thanks to being a simple one-piece panel-hinged garage door.  Their simple construction means that they are very easy to operate.

There are two types of this door – Canopy and Retractable.

Canopy Doors

Canopy garage doors are the simplest and most common option.  As the name suggests, the opened panel door protrudes forward from its frame to form a canopy.  Providing the maximum drive-through width. Canopy doors are balanced and assisted by their torsion springs which are positioned above the door panel, making for a very effortless-to-use garage door.

Retractable Doors

Retractable Up and Over Garage Doors utilise a slightly different mechanism which results in the door panel completely retracting into the garage.  Because of this, retractible mechanism protrudes slightly inwards, the drive-through width of the garage opening is reduced. 

Vertical Ribbed wooden garage door